"Ketika pena telah diangkat, dan lembaran-lembaran telah mengering..."

A masterpiece ((* * * * *)) , u would not believe with your eyes !!! *sigh*

Through beyond your imagination !!!

Just my mind blowing, or the whole world being speak loud for this lunatic movie :) hehe...

First I saw a trailer in central town, and never founded some excuse to watch this movie, and so on until 2 days ago, it's amazed me, again ... and again ...

" Man, I thought I was the only nuts about. I think I can go about 48 hours without seeing it again. People who haven't seen it ask me what it it's about. I say it's about death, rebirth, sin, redemption, the whole 9 yards. You have to have something to fight for." You know what -- you can make your own world as beautiful as you want, but it's nice to have a reference point, like Pandora!! (it's another quote from fans at http://avatar.typepad.com/events/page/2?fbid=pIGV3w2Vjsi) "

(with the maestro : James Cameron)

and another buddy asked me, how it can made? it' so real and smooth ... " brilliant worked !!! " and my answered is simple, I don't know exactly... :p it's hollywood bro !!! there is a thousand artificial method, then he dissolve on the depth curious ... :O

Trully... this movie had been totally inspired me, with a different way absolutely, that's no more imperialized action in this world, anyone must decided his own fate, no more social pressure.

and Avatar is about our manifestation in this life... this movie stunning me with a pretty mind way... :)

(best scenes ever ... :p)

-Zaid Amin-



Insan Agung

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