"Ketika pena telah diangkat, dan lembaran-lembaran telah mengering..."

i saw you ...

How lucky to be young, but lost in expression ...

or I'm just a man who's usually unable to stop the time.

I'm sitting here alone, with no conclusion ... which part should I take ... with an old pen, freeze on a pieces of paper.
I draw you, but an art can't find you any longer, even a scratch of masterpiece... it seems I've lost my light on earth...

"She" don't know ..."She" don't ... !
All I have to do now, is to show you, what for I've got through to this journey, and You'll see me, yes we will meet again sooner or later.

keep praying for me, and I'll show you, what it means to start and then finish this, then I'll run straight to you ... I promised.

Constantine I'm fell in love with you .... :)

(Rush hour in Istanbul)

(Birdman of Istanbul)

(Constantinopel and Blue Mosque)

(Feel free, Ayeee)

(The City)

(The landscape )



Insan Agung

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