"Ketika pena telah diangkat, dan lembaran-lembaran telah mengering..."

Unstoppable Time

When you feel alone, you don't know how longer far you can go, which "focus" you've must to get it, and how I can expect  this feeling?! when it's all came around it self to me as when as my graduate finished, In the early time I've planned all about my "skinny world" things to become a reality, like after the graduate, all my scheming list fading gone to no where... I feel empty ... :(

The world spin enough for him self, the world which we all together live in it, laugh in it, dream in it, had left me behind... the world have a mysterious way, of course... especially for a young people who are have passionate like me. :p

Yesterday, at Dec' 14 2011 is The day when I earned my degree legitimately, I feel happy too when my study finished with an honour statue, what in academic usually called as a " Cum Laude Predicates ". but at the farewell party there's a small accidental thing, which the host in the ceremony get rouge and caught me feel to frustrated, when she's wrong to announce my predicate with notation "Very Satisfactory", and of course to me this is not very satisfactory ended, especially if those foolishness compare with during my struggle since 4 years back. that's a quite long disappointment, and indirectly that's all have a trace to me.

" Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... this is it, the pursued of happiness part one, begin..." 


Insan Agung

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