"Ketika pena telah diangkat, dan lembaran-lembaran telah mengering..."

Voice from heaven

Lara Fabian, is a one of greatest singer woman in the world now, her name was became such an iconic, especially for the top class of european musician, altough she was from there surely. I was just listening her beauty voice when I get a full pack of concert dvd of "David Foster and friends 2011" from one of source on internet. he... it's all you can get from this and those "cable".

In that concert dvd, David was showing his lead to manage all the "the great talent" to become part of they own characteristic. Of course in addition he also have a style of what we called "magnetic entertainment" too.

An ability of the "Hitman" David Foster really is no doubt, he and his bands have worked more than 30 years to produce wide range of genius hits on all around the world.

Back to... Lara fabian, ok now why from all the friends of David I choose Lara as the most of shining star on that full pack? Yeah, absolutely because of her style beibeh... (beauty expression which she have !!! ), an emotion that comes out of when she sing !!! and of course her soft lovely voice... oh God, there's no such an original like that, I'm in love for sure !!!

I'm personal can get her heaven voice, when she sing in lower band, exactly in a long tone like a song called "Caruso", you can hear most softly voice on this planet !!! a maestro, a diva... :)




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