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100GB Networking

The U.S. Federal Government is moving to deliver higher bandwidth technologies that support 100G (gigabit per second) network capacity to ease strain on networks and maintain superior performance – thus avoiding potentially disastrous service bottlenecks.

The jump from 10G or 40G to 100G significantly increases transmission speeds: it enables one network fiber to transport 8.8 TB/sec. This accelerated exchange of data can easily enable a dramatic increase in the use of high-bandwidth applications like video in areas as diverse as battlefield medicine, equipment training, VTC, and video surveillance. It only takes one second to transmit a 90-minute HD video using a 100G interface. With video growing to exceed 91 percent of global consumer traffic by 2014 and Internet video alone predicted to account for 57 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2014, the changing landscape of networking demands the best-available solutions for video transmission.

LGS Innovations and its parent company, Alcatel-Lucent, have taken a leadership position in the industry as the only supplier to offer deployable 100G solutions in both the IP and optics domains. In optics, 100G next generation coherent technology is an innovative and economically viable solution for new deployments. Likewise in IP, the power of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GE) supports speed, services, and scalability with no compromise.

Key features of Alcatel-Lucent’s 100G solutions include:

  • Higher integration and longer transmission reach
  • Lower network complexity, operational costs, and power consumption
  • Unprecedented compatibility with lower-speed transport infrastructures (such as 10G and 40G)

  • Designed to address the booming bandwidth demands driven by streaming technology, Web applications, file sharing, and high definition video, 100G solutions from LGS Innovations scale existing networks to 100G without performance degradation, and provide an economically viable platform for new optical networking deployments. 

    Leveraging its long heritage with Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent has long invested in research and experiments in 100G optical transmission and next generation coherent technology. The benefits of this focus are demonstrated in the success of the company’s offerings. Because Alcatel-Lucent offers both 100G optical transport and 100G Ethernet technologies, LGS Innovations can provide U.S. Federal Government agencies with significantly higher integration and network coverage for the lowest operational costs and power consumption. The optical component leverages PDM-QPSK with coherent detection for best-in-class 100G/s transmission. Alcatel-Lucent has implemented the optics technology on its leading Photonic Service Switch platform, the 1830 PSS.

    The unmatched end-to-end scalability, performance, and low cost-per-bit transport of the Alcatel-Lucent optical solution for achieving 100G communication are due to breakthrough innovations such as optimized modulation formats, which reduce the negative effects of dramatic increases in line rates, and coherent detection, which doubles the transported capacity and increases the spectral efficiency.

    Other technological advances include photonic OAM with Wavelength Tracker, to monitor and trace each wavelength at any point in the network, dispersion compensation, and superior tolerance for optical noise. Transmission distances can be extended without costly regeneration, and the signal can pass through more Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers (ROADMs) The Alcatel-Lucent optical 100G solutions also boast the best ability to achieve fast wavelength reconfigurations.



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